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Keeping TABS - the crimes of the establishment.


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There doesn't seem to be a punishment in the West for pre-natal murder.

But there is an eternal punishment, which is hell.

There is no punishment either in western society for deliberate mass starvation and/or mass rorting of the funds of others, even the poor, for personal gain, via the banking and Wall Street wheeling and dealing.

But there is an eternal punishment, which is hell.

The withholding and suppressing of independently discovered cures for diseases such  diabetes, cancer, Alzeimers, etc., goes unpunished as well.

The reverse, in fact, is punished.

But there is also an eternal punishment for the former, which is hell.

The 'elites', as they like to be called, have made a permanent bed for themselves in hell.

Illegal wars and the use of illegal munitions, trade in drugs and children, fall into the same category as the aforementioned.

The crimes of the establishment are piling up, as is their credit points in that place of eternal punishment, which suffering is commensurate with, we are told by visionaries, well recognized by legitimate authority, with the severity and number of crimes they committed and of which they did not repent of on earth.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, firebombing Tokyo and Dresden, Iraq, Gaza; phosphorus, depleted uranium; no man can count the crimes of humanity.

But they are all paid in full, in hell.

I guess thats where the term 'bloody hell' comes from.