My Short Stories

What do you do when you are living in a hell on earth?

....I'm referring to the USA not the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia or Sth America.

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Red lists being drawn up, says the headlines.

25% on food stamps reads another.

Another dozen refer to the latest .5% (I'm guessing at the figure) of police atrocities that have been exposed, revealing a Satanic, pure evil mind set that is not, as even some even in the alternative media like to think of as a "rogue" element.

 No it is not.

 It is too consistent, too common to be anything but mainstream USA policing in the 21st Century, and their training manuals, their hiring of low IQ recruits exclusively and their drug use is proof.

"Its not our fault" pleads the NY cop, "we've been ordered to up the pressure on the general populace".

Right. I guess that lets you off the hook then.

In Chicago they break your door down in the Middle of the night because you are registered up till then at least as a 'legal' gun owner.

You are so traumatized you leave the city which has been your family's home for generations.

 Its not just you you have to look out for, that would be relatively easy bang, bang, we're both dead. 
No, its your family. they are the real target. Or rather, you, through your family which you don't want to see hurt.

Here we should mention the 2.2 billion rounds of ammo much of which is body shredding hollow point.

They are going off the Iraq experience where it took 80 rounds for every 'hit'.
 No question.

So they are not for warning shots. We can establish that.

As a single person I find it hard to say this, but my view is that you should treat your entire family as yourself and all go out fighting.

Easy for me to say, but thats my view. Whats the alternative? Detention camps for those same loved ones?
I wouldn't think so.

The reason I bring this up now is because I think the time for this is approaching rapidly and we should discuss it amongst ourselves, prepare and offer each other comfort and support, strength, courage and acceptance of the inevitable.

Revelations itself does not give us much alternative, and remember all knowedge and understanding of the end times comes to us via that book, which is why it was written.

...cumbaya, My Lord, cumbaya!