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Viva Palestina!

Zionism is not Judaism.

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Politics is about self-preservation. 

Surely impotent votes at the UN on the illegality of the Zionist occupation of Palestine cannot be all that is being done to save the people there from the unacceptable affrontery of the Jews.

Even given the Palestinian acceptance of the lower form of life that the Jew manifests in their blockade and occupation, this does not make the internationally unacceptable situation any more palateable to them or to human beings with a concience anywhere on the globe.

Aid is a poor substitute for defence.

Silence is an unacceptable substitute, and those nations who by their silence outside the UN General Assembly condone the zionist actions are to be condemned.

Politics is about self preservation at the micro and macro level. But maybe its time for nations with some degree of integrity left to abandon politics and to as one say to the Jews enough is enough!

This is the number one problem in the world today. It must be addressed as such and it must be solved.

The zionists thrive on confrontation. The rest of us do not.
 But we must cast aside our lethargy for principles of human living which are necessary for life on earth to continue. 
We all devolve with the treatment of the Palestinians. It is like a cancer that eats away at us all, corroding the dignity of nations, their viability and their independence.

This will happen. All nations will form an alliance against Israel when they see where this is leading to.
 It is only a matter of time and the stubborness of the Israeli politic to bend its masonic drive for global and Middle Eastern hegemony.

This will never happen. Though the world will be cast into nuclear and radiological warfare it will never happen.

Gentiles are ignorant but they are not suicidal.

They are easily fooled but not easily dominated.

They are unprepared but not unwilling.

This is the mistake that the Zionists make, that they have always made but lived to fight another day.

Only this time there will be a global response to a global threat and there is only one planet, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Sanity has gone out the window in the Zionist House.

It will be their downfall.

"... a pale horse, and he who sat thereon -  his name was death, and hell followed with him..."