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Alternative Media is Unrestricted Twaddle.

...headed by AJ.

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Alternative press headline reads;

"Congress votes in late night sitting to bar the DHS from further ammo purchases until they can explain what the ammo is for" - 

which they refuse to do.

In the comments section readers cheer.

This is beginning to look more like the book "Animal Farm" than the real world.

So Congress, and they are serious, says in effect, the DHS can have 2 billion rounds but they can't haver any more....hmmm.

Even though they don't even know what the 2 billion rounds are for.

Ridiculous in itself, cheering from the "gallery" even more ridiculous.

but it gets worse;-

How can they even stop them from aquiring more when the DHS has shown, as does the Fed which produced and controls it that it takes no notice of elected government?

but it gets even worse;-

Congress knows this so the above is just a charade.

And yet the people, and not just any people, the cluey, alternative media readers applaud their congressmen on their grit, their fortitude, their fight for truth, justice and the American way.

Cae No 2.

500,000 people on a no fly list in the US because they are patriots.

Yet Alex Jones, the "arch enemy' of the NWO operation can fly around anywhere, turning up most recently at the 2013 Bilderberg conference in London.

Smell a rat?

Empty vessels make the most sound and by their fruits you will know.

To be fair to Alex he is like the sun. A brief glance, and thats it. Any more and you will wither and die.

My brief glance woke me up to the dangers of vaccines.

The alternative press is basically cackle. 
It is not united, does not have a common cause and there is no love lost between its members, by accident or design we can only guess.

A generation of fools taken advantage of by the age old enemies of mankind. Playing them like a fiddle.

Most in the alternative media and their readers are aetheists, just as that enemy planned and executed over a few generations. 

They brag about their aetheism, wearing their  sick joke pride on their sleeves for all the world to see.

But it doesn't stop there. Some parade themselves as Christian but there is nothing christian about them. Another victory for the enemy who has infiltrated, taken over and taken down the visible christian church so that only the invisible church remains.

It will still parade as christian but in actual fact the visible church does and will more fully in the future worship the beast - devil.

What is left to us? Much.

Truthseekers with genuine love for God and mankind and creation can never disappear.

"You are a rock, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will never prevail against it." It is to these genuine truthseekers esp. those that know Christ, that Christ was refering.

What then for this "church."

Christ prayed to His Father that "They be one as you and I are one."

Because in this unity and only in this unity of faithfulness, love  and purpose do they have the power to defeat the beast and in our day herald the coming of the Kingdom of God  through Christs Second coming which is almost upon us.

This is assured no matter what happens. What is up for debate is how many will be here to greet Him when he comes.

"When I return will I find faith on earth?"

The USA is a failed state. It has become a cesspool of criminal activity at the highest level.

The kindest fate for that country would be to be nuked.

This would save the starvation, prison, microchipping and slow death through inhuman poisoning  and irradiation. 

If you live there make your peace with God now and hope for the best (being nuked.)

Pride has led you to this point. Its in your folklore, your voice and mannerisms and your sense of superiority.

Your fall will be in equal measure to that pride.

Alternative writers still write as if the problem can be fixed. Not only can it not be fixed but they haven't a clue how it should be fixed. ie. they are part of the problem.

The alternative media is an upmarket MSM.

It has lost the plot.

As I said in the title, it is unrestricted twaddle.

If there was a miracle that proved to all that God exists, that Christ died for our sins and that pointed out to each in a personal way the extent of their sins, there would be a mass conversion.

But this itself is promised through numerous seers and prophets.

I think it will happen within a month. So grave is the current situation.

Then there will be a reset for some at least but maybe not all. 

Let us pray that it will be all.

The current insanity will disappear as dross.

The earth will once again have meaning, value, beauty and abundance.

And will sing a resounding, united and unending Alleluia to our God.

Peace, happiness, fulfillment and rest, on earth, as it is in heaven.

"Swing low sweet chariot."