My Short Stories

Everything We Do Counts.

..even though we may not realize it.

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Justice in the world is entirely dependent on justice in our own lives.

 We affect that whole. 

Closed monasteries, by their prayers and disciplines, other victim souls ie. those called upon to suffer for the whole world, for example the stigmatist Padre Pio, uphold the world. That is why the forces of the nwo were intent on bringing the Catholic church down first.

Everything we do in our own lives has an effect for good or bad on the universal spirit of humanity and it can change it in a big way for good if we allow it.

Never think that we are unimportant.

The world would be poorer without butterflies and our knowledge of their existence.

How much poorer then without our souls and the goodness they can bring to the world and to ourselves, even in what we think is the smallest of ways.

Become world concious and love the goodness that exists across the whole spectrum of mankind. In this way we unite ourselves to it, we make it stronger and we drive back the forces of darkness who are helpless against it. Indeed it can only flourish in the absence of this goodness. Just as darkness cannot extinguish light. It is always light that extinguishes darkness. So it is with goodness. It extinguishes evil.

The goodness we do is never forgotten. It remains eternally. The evil can be forgiven and forgotten and is when we turn from evil to doing good deeds, simply turning from evil is a good deed, hoping for good things and believing they can be accomplished.

We do not always in this life see the result of our deeds good or bad, but we will in the next unless we repent in this life of the bad.

Fasting one day a week is essential in the end times, if you feel you can.

Daily prayer to get us focussed on what is important that we see for ourselves and the world is also important.

This is the light we let into the world, darkness has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Love the good in mankind and make it stronger. The spirit travels at the speed of light, just like the internet.

Remember nature in all its grandeur and beauty and just know that mankind was made as part of that, not of the evil, not of its own free willed fall and not of the destruction of nature it is producing.

Indeed the beauty of nature is testament to that.

Resist the pull of evil, which is of the devil. Decide against its vanity. No matter the cost. You will not be forsaken by an unseen God, who will soon show you the fruits of your suffering and labour. Have faith. Have faith. 

Let us pray for God's Spirit to engulf us.