My Short Stories

Most people have tuned out of politics.

... and the daily "news."

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People are intuitive.

They walk and talk like everyone one else on the issues, but at a deeper level they know what is going on, or what is not going on.

It comes with the territory. Its called being human.

Those who really are sheep and fall for the matrix hook, line and sinker are in a minority.

The rest are just biding their time and not doing anything or saying anything to make them stand out from the crowd.

They don't have all the information. None do. But they can smell the stink.

They are good souls. They know right from wrong. They work hard just to survive and don't have the time or inclination to delve into issues about which they have no control over.

They will never belong to the NWO.

They know about the "Mark of the Beast."

They suspect it is the microchip and they will never accept it.

The authorities know this.

This their ultimate control will never be accepted.

This has driven them into a frenzy.

A madlust for control and punishment

An orgy of destruction and tyranny.

Which is manifest in everything they are behind.

They can never move from the control of money, the means of exchange, to the control of the people who exchange that money. 

This is denied them. 

In their frustration they have brought in a police state, wars, detention centres, unbelieveable laws and restrictions of human behaviour, uncountable afflictions with which they afflict human populations, including starvation, sickness and plain dehumanization of every aspect of life.

But they will never win.

The human race will emerge from all this with its dignity intact.

It will be refined in the fire, more splendid than ever before.

And as the fires are depleted by lack of fuel.

They will emerge perfect, as nature intended, as nature has been waiting for them.

Their evolution finished, creation will be complete.

"There is a place where souls are free......."

and it wont be too long before it appears and we enter into it.