My Short Stories

Permanent State of Ignorance.

Internet has not  changed the world for the better.

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The world lives in a permanent state of ignorance. 

The internet has not changed a thing for most of its inhabitants in that regard.

History is the story of the past told through the eyes of the ignorant.

News is the story of the present told through the eyes of the insane.

Prophecy, the story of the future, the only events that haven't happened yet, ironically is usually quite accurate, once you eliminate the false prophets out of hand and they are easy to discern.

The scariest part is that the lies of the present may go down in history as fact.

We cannot let that happen.

We cannot stand idly by and watch these lies unfold.

We cannot help the wilfully ignorant but there are very many yet who will respond to the truth once it is presented to them. 

Will it be enough to make a difference?

Yes, every life counts for one thing and a certain critical mass will tip the scales in our favour.

We must divorce ourselves completely from the indoctrination. Look upon news as a study in deception and act accordingly.

Above all we must not give them our emotional support. They feed on that. By it you surrender your will to them.

We must continually work to extract ourselves from the matrix.

We must develop appropriate ties with others who are wide awake and striving for justice, whether it be world wide, in their own environment or simply in their own lives. It matters little.

 It all has a ripple effect and the entire worldwide community of truth and justice seekers grows as a result.

 We are all spiritually connected and the power of that spirit is far greater than we can imagine and the power we give it by doing any of the above is far greater than we can imagine.

God is on our side.

Heaven is on our side.

But lest we be deluded, all hell is opposed.

"When I return, will I find faith on earth?"

The cry of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, Yashua, God the Son .. Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

We need to be ready with a yes.

By not giving up.

"And I looked and tried to find if any on the earth were worthy to open the scroll, and found that there was none"