My Short Stories

Antichrist Mindset Conditioning.

..or... the NWO citizen.


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NWO conditioning has begun in ernest; the are a slave, with no rights, no personality, no life.

We will imprint this on you in every aspect of your life and with every means at our disposal including police, courts, IRS, government, medicine, food, water and air, radiation 24/7, education, all forms of media and reinforce it with your neighbours and peers, employers, workplace, until you are subservient not just in action but in thought and feeling and until you get rid of that damned concience!

We will imprint this on your children so that you will both mutually reinforce one another with its conditioning.

We will lock you in camps if you show the slightest digression from your slavery, indeed we are doing this now using the shit for brains cops we have trained up and drugged up for this purpose.

We have developed technology to read your thoughts and emotions and pretty soon we will chip you to control both . Then you will be ours forever.

This is not science fiction. This is not just fact. it is reality . It is happening exponentially more now from day to day.

We will explode the economy and rob you of your savings and your jobs and your food stamps. 

Who you gonna call? the police? 
Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha !

We will take your homes so there is nowhere to go but to the camps and you will be glad for a roof over the heads of your kids.

We are evil.

We have not been allowed on this scale on the earth before and we intend to make the most of it...the very most - do you hear?

We will take your churches and turn them into churches of the beast and he you will worship there.....and half of you will. The other half will be beheaded.

Again this is not fantasy.

We have done similar before in communist countries but their minds and emotions were pretty much left intact.

Those horrible days which we have succeeded for the most part in covering up and blotting out from your memories what little you read or heard about them, will be like a walk in the park compared to what we have in stall for you.

We are evil Inc.

We have totally corrupted your government, judicial system, law enforcement, courts, banking system, food, drink and medicinal supplies, churches, schools, entertainment.

 Where you gonna run? Who you gonna call, even if you did wake up and realize what we have done to you and most of you we have put to sleep so you haven't got a clue or are too afraid to ask.

Be careful what you think. We are monitoring you. 

Be careful what you feel, best not to, we will notice, and it won't go well for you.

We are everywhere. We are many. You are powerless.

.....walk to the nearest border and wipe the dust off your shoes whilst leaving, as a sign to the nwo America.