My Short Stories

USA - Corruption Inc.

devastation will be horrific

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Unable to fathom the extent of corruption in the American system of government and finance,

unwilling to contemplate its effects, 

unmoved by the bandage over the eyes of the people 

unmasked by its own foreign policy, 

the land, country, population, society, culture, entity that is the USA, is about to implode.

Nature itself forsaken.

Morality outlawed.

Intuition blocked.

Rationality surrendered.

All have become victims of crimes committed by those with power, money, connections.

Voices of truth exist but do not unite.

Only in unity can there can be progress. Without it the truth dies.

They are gripped with fear, subconcious fear almost, unspoken but present which seems to cloud even the desire for unity.

Murmuring in corners and dark places they imitate rather than fight the evil agenda and its perpetrators.

There is no more need for prayers perhaps, which have all been spoken, except this one prayer, that for unity, to be delivered up to an unseen God.

Only in this unity and in this prayer will there be fight left, after the ascendency of the antichrist over world affairs;

 will there be victory and can there be peace within and thus peace in the world.

May we be one - in our love for each other and in our opposition to the antichrist.

......and I looked to see if there was any way of warning the people and there was none.