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Why is Atlantis Interested in US.

now you see them, now you don't.

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The cornerstone of Atlantean jeopardy management in the 20th and 21st century has been threats.
Reveal us and it will go badly for you.

But there is a double jeopardy. The danger of not revealing them.

Whose side are they on, the people, when they allow the US shadow government to develop their technology for an elite ascendency over and demonic, literally, enslavement of the rest of mankind?

They lose that argument, if there ever was one.

The heartlessness that developed in the last stage of Atlantis corresponds to the heartlessness of todays NWO.

Whilst the view holds that they may be interested in the last days of mankind and planet earth as we know them, from a scientific point of view, what is their interest in the enslavement of the planet and its final destruction?

This question we are left to ponder. In doing so we cannot rule out a further deception. That is, that they too are being deceived by the age old enemy of mankind, the devil.

My experiences of these people is one of clinical coldness, not malevolence.

Despite this the fact remains that they are masters of physical emotional control and exploitation.
 They appear to be co operating with demonic entities in our time and those present day humans who control the planet.

We must ask, why?

it is my contention the the pineal gland of US citizens has been chemically and radiologically rendered inoperative. That is their connection to higher understanding and thinking processes.

The people they vote in as leaders, is just one proof of this.

Altanteans would never allow this in themselves but appear to stand idly by while their modern partners do it to the whole of humanity. I'm speculating here. Its as though knowledge of their impending destruction had not moved them to repentance at all but rather hardened them in their worship of science for science sake and this has blinded them as to the real intentions of their modern hosts.

This would be a sad reflection on Atlantis.

This needn't be so.

They have already been informed and acknowledged the salvation wrought in Jesus for all, past, including themselves, present, us  and those to come.

And yet they allow technology to be used for demonic ends.

What do they think that salvation is salvation from if not from demonic enslavement?

Time is nothing. It can be transversed in the blinking of an eye. 
That is why we can believe in an eternity.
The heart knows no earthly time. It is not time which heals wounds it is  what takes place, much of which we are not cognizant of.

There is no where to run, nowhere to hide.

We need Atlanteans on our side, to balance the technology against us.

We need them to realize the full potential for salvation, not of Atlantis, what has been done, cannot be undone, but of the planet as it is now, and also of our, including their, own souls.

And this can only be achieved by their reading the Bible, particularly the gospel of Christ, by first humbling themselves sufficiently to see its spiritual side and hence message and the profound implication it has for humans in eternity - heaven and hell.

I said end times, not fun times.