My Short Stories

Modern Banking - Modern Saints.


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 Modern Banking is the root of modern poverty, as it is nothing more than theft, has nothing to do with productivity, indeed quashes productivity through usury, turns us all into slaves to the banking system which is always outside the normal economic process siphoning off the fruits thereof without input of labour or resources, again through usury.

It is also the root of modern corruption and usurpation of power which naturally belongs to the people and their interests through their governments and is not opposed to their interests.

Modern banking is a curious case of cunning money lenders outwitting, kings, rulers, governments who despite their best efforts at times, or not, managed to be outwitted and outmanoeuvred in  their governing capacity to such an extent that they truly lost all control, maintaining only a facade of control.

This came about soley because of weakness and corruption. 

It exists today soley through weakness and corruption which engenders ignorance and poverty for all but the bankers, which is their intention. 

No one has addressed this issue in theory and therefore no one has worked towards attacking it in practice.

This is because all attempts to do so are ruthlessly and murderously  suppressed.

They are organised into Satanic cabals, are singleminded in their goals, disciplined in their actions and aided in their theft by their devotion to the Satanic hierarchy.

Their time is short but powerful. 

We can resist them only through self discipline and  devotion to God through Jesus Christ, His mother Mary and the angels and saints. 

Any less and they win.

Having gained all the world's wealth they are now duty bound to repay Satan by gaining all the world's souls and this is their new mission, one well advanced and only stopped through faith the faith that exists in the world in Jesus Christ and the power that he alone can provide to the soul and to the world.

You can play your part by aligning with this great spiritual movement. 

A church is not required, nor is one available at this time. The only church is your own heart. 

There you will find the source of all life, all goodness and all power to live and defeat the evil of our day and so live eternally with the angels and saints in Paradise.

 It is the spiritual triumph that is important even if it costs your own life.