My Short Stories

The Real Headlines.

... without doubt contained in what you never hear.

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Headlines aren't headlines, they are propaganda control memes that steer the populations in the direction the controllers want to take them.

They may be based on current events but the actual wording  has to fit the editors, read controller's, overall population control objectives, not his own but those to whom he is accountable. 

This is not  fictitious, nor is it based on his own ideas but fits the strict set of parameters laid down for all media control of populations. 

That it is a serious science can be gleaned from the knowledge that media is the main means of control of the population.

They want a population that is subservient to the ruling interest, not questioning, not defiant,  not in any way fostering of community development which would lead to unity and a powerful force against the injustices in the system they are trying to preserve.

The end goal is the NWO Orwellian souless entity with its specific automaton role in the spiritually lifeless machine and this is what the media is creating.

Therefore we should be wary and questioning of everything in the media particularly the specific cues created by headlines.

Real headlines;- one

Illegal and artificial state of Israel uses American money to torture, repress and suppress men women and children in open air prison called Gaza …. no end in sight.


 ………..Rest of  world looks on -  stunned silence- leaders mute.


Satanic force takes over music industry.

………….. why is music is no longer music?


Banks sole cause of the bankrupting nations including America - impoverishing  citizens.

……cause of inflation


 military  - for profit central bank owned industry

……..hence wars


Monsanto poisoning  world

…….as is  bank owned pharmaceutical industry


 separation of church and state policy - success

….promotes paganism


people  now looking behind the news 

 .....seeing what is really going on.