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The Alternative Media has Lost the Plot.

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Its as though they want to be enslaved.

"Look what they are doing to us now....yippee..."

I can almost hear the yelps of delight as these fools prepare for their own enslavement even while it is happening.

Lets get one thing straight.The media is and will be reporting martial law in a way that suits them.

Well now, I wonder what that will be?

Let me give you a hint.

In a way that will get you to accept it, to the extent that they reveal it to you after first covering up what they don't want you to know about.

We see this in the blind acceptance of the fact in the reporting of it by either media.

Much of what passes for alternative media is after all msm.

There aren't too many actual alternative media journalists and their reporting is entirely negative as if they are resigned to it.

Not much help there.

You'd be better off simply fleeing the country. You are not going to do anything about it.

This has been my only advice to Americans that can, now for years.

THE OTHER ADVICE TO THOSE THAT CAN'T has been given in previous recent essays and I won't bother repeating.

But the message needs to be hammered home more and more in the lead in to martial law and not stand silent simply commenting on the bad news as if accepting it, because that is what you are doing when you simply comment on it.

Guns, butter and Bibles......the staples of resistance....but more so, courage, streetsmarts, planning, training and rehearsal.