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London False Flag.

...for boots on the ground vs. Syria.

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Its obvious to some what's going to happen now in Syria.

 Boots on the ground by England. 

Americans, even dumbed down Americans will not tolerate another overt invasion of a country in such a short span of time. 
The heat will be applied to England. 
The first preparation was the revelation that Prince Harry had killed in combat.
 The second is the so called muslim terrorist attack on a British soldier, no less, on a Britain street...not even safe walking down a London street. What could be better devised to cause outrage amongst the "stupid animals" as Kissinger so endearingly refers to military volunteers, first and foremost, who have to fight their stupid wars, but also the British public as well.

The stage is set? 
Or is there more to come?

They have the experience of the Bali Bombing of an Australian nightclub to bring the Australian public around to committing to troops in Iraq, so they know it works.

What is clear is that Syria is not going well and the NWO never accepts defeat.

You can take that to their bank.. . and tell them to shove it.

Washington has voted funds for the rebels. Just like the Second World War when Americans would not support it until Pearl Harbour, they were still arming the other belligerants, England and Russia to the teeth. Yes, I did say the other "belligerants"- but I won't debate that little gem right now.

The point is America will have its hand in the pie as well, this time not for the Soviet Union, an American invention, but against Russia, an American invention gone wrong...for them, albeit indirectly, via Syria.

....ho hum ... war drum.