My Short Stories

Dream - "in July."

..all hell will break loose in America.

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What could happen?

All hell could break loose.

Financial, economic collapse..

I read recently that the Food Stamps budget was going to be cut by something like $58 billion.

Combine this with economic collapse and we can see a planned disaster in the making.

Riots and unrest on a scale which will make martial law seem the natural thing to do.

This is what they need in fact to bring it in and everything is being done to prepare for its implementation....I mean militarily, logistically, financially, economically, legally,unilaterally and at the same time sealing the borders seems like a priority also, not from illegal entry but from legal exit.

I also expect more HAARP produced tornadoes, possibly earthquakes, storms, floods to induce a panic mode in the national psyche which prevents rational thought and thus makes it easier to implement harsh marshal law conditions with curfews, road blocks, identity checks and more just to let you know you are a slave of the system and not a citizen of a free society, which you were told you were endlessly, so much so that you repeated it to yourself and to others ad nauseam, it seems, to those of us watching and listening from the outside.

 This has lulled you into a sense of complacency, a sense that nothing can go wrong and this has made you unprepared for what they have prepared for you.

 You see it all works against you in the end, this false national pride, based on illusions falsely implanted in you  as part of the national conciousness.

Pride does indeed precede a fall, and this is what America, proud America has reaped.

July, economic collapse, food shortages, food stamps shortages, martial law, internment camps, un-"natural" disasters, war abroad...they seem to be gearing up for war on Syria also, new laws, repressive laws, more vaccinations, compulsory vaccinations, especially for babies, infants and scholchildren, deadly vaccinations - also seem to be in the pipeline and people such as Rense endlessly spew out stories on viruses which kill 10 or 20 people in some foreign country....hmm.

No one is beyond mind control in America.

Syria it is said, by Putin himself reportedly, is Russia's line in the sand. A state of war on this scale, involving russia therfore BRICS nations and therefore China is also good for martial law as it heightens the tension, unease and therefore psychological and emotional dislocation, making it easier to bring in outrageous command and control measures at home.

Combine all of the above and it will be catharctic for America....and I hear July.

It is all the more poignant when I recall July as the month given in a string of economic collapse  and martial law predictions in the reputeable part of the alternative media over the past six months.

 July is the month that came up most frequently, hands down.

Next to last warning.....leave while you can.