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Guantanamo Bay.

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Ever wondered why they took a couple of thousand, thereabouts, people off the street in Afghanistan, called them terrorists and locked them up in Guantanamo Bay forever, without charge or trial?

You should have by now or you are simply not paying attention..

You may be wondering the same thing about yourself in the not too distant future.

"What am I doing here?"

The two scenarios are related. 

This present one and there are many more such prisons spread around the world, and your own incarceration.

 The fact that you are reading this may even mean you are a threat and there are laws already in the works…or are they already here?…

to pre-emptively arrest people and incarcerate them without trial TO PREVENT THEM from committing a crime: read;- "act of terrorism": read express anti government views.


The people in Guantanamo have not even done the above, but they need training and observation to see how you will react to their less than benevolent stimuli. 

They also need to "train" the guards and the experience they get with innocent people will probably go into some training manual…I'm sure it already has to condition future guards to incarcerate millions of innocents.

Oh yes, I hear you say…they re very thorough.

Its a science.

 Its fed into a computer and becomes the basis for a computer program so that the incarceration of millions of innocents can run like clockwork and not break down.

Oh no, they are not stupid in their evil. 

Let us also be wise in our calling.

"I'm sittin' at the dock of the bay. 
watchin' the ti-i-i-de roll in....."