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911 - one more time.

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As a cab driver you hear a lot of stuff, mostly untrue, but some things when verified put you in the drivers seat (pun intended) when it comes to the "news."

Five things stick out in my mind when it comes to 911.

First. The intense, non stop, morning to night war drills, began five weeks BEFORE 911, of american navy personnel stationed in Japan and en route after 911 to the Afghanistan war theatre and discontinued completely when their tour there was ended.

Second. The planting and wiring of bombs and cutter charges witnessed prior to the 911 building collapse. y\You would think something this large could not be hidden - and you are right, it wasn't.

Third. The visit of American Intelligence to their Australian military counterparts and the lack of ANY escort felt necessary by the Prime Minister on his way to send off the Aussie fleet for the supposed war on terror against Iraq. In the well publicized, obviously hostile action he was about to undertake, supposedly against teroris,  how ironic that he would know that he was not a target.

Fourth. The sophisticated nature of the bombs used in the Bali bombings used as a psyop to get the Australian public to drop its resistance to the Iraq war, which ONLY the American military could possess and certainly not within the means of the accused so called "Bali bombers" to either procure or deploy.

Fifth. The reminder that the icons chosen were not those of would be arab terrorists designed for maximum impact physically, but those of a group whose purpose was to garner the maximum psychological revenge response because of their association with the American psyche and stifle opposition to both war abroad and repression at home....