My Short Stories

Blood and Commandments


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In salvation history law is fertilized with blood.

This is because law requires sacrifice and often the only sacrifice left is blood.

Why does law require sacrifice?

The sacrifice I am referring to is self discipline because of our fallen corrupted nature which is rebellious to all that is in harmony with nature and the natural laws as contained in the Ten Commandments.

When this self sacrifice or self discipline is missing the inevitable result is always war and thus the price of the breaking of nature's laws is always blood.

The blood of Christian martyrs was the price they paid for satisying God's laws which are none other than natures laws. 

We are part of nature and these laws are written on our hearts and in our genes.

When the Divine meets the human as in Jesus Christ who was God and man His blood takes on an infinite price, capable therefore of paying the price for our breaking of the divine law, and this is what happened. 

It covered all past present and future generations right up to our own and sadly, especially our own.

It flowed onto the Ark of the Covenant* for this very reason, by means of the earthquake, at his expiry on the cross, which split the rock beneath allowing the blood carried by water from his spleen which both flowed when the Roman soldier pierced his side, to flow through a chasm 20 feet deep into the cave below containing the Ark.

 It also split the stone lid of the stone box containing the ark and moved it length wise and the blood spilled onto the Ark lid known as the Mercy seat in the Old Testament for this very reason, as once a year the blood o a goat was spilt onto it in atonement for the sins of Israel in accordance with the Mosaic law, which was handed to him by God for the development of the Jewish people as a people of God.

This blood which was found to contain only half the number of chromosomes of normal blood, plus one, the male chromosome, was in accord with the virgin birth of Christ. Blood never dies. Or at least Christs blood never died. 

This Ark, this blood, were discovered in 1979 by Ron Wyatt. 

MSM did not herald the discovery. Its significance was left unknown to the majority of the world -  a world which cries out for significance.

This coverup alone, is one very good reason, only one, why we should take note of this discovery.

It follows the pattern of the coverup of all the good that is done in the world.

We are inundated only with bad news, as a daily diet of soul destroying.

It follows the pattern of the coverup to the Jewish nation of Christ's Resurrection 2000 years ago.

The one event on which all of human history, all of human significance turns.

* built by Moses to house the Ten the ten laws of a salvation covenant BETWEEN GOD AND MAN.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.