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Not Tonight Alexander


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One of the biggest lies of history is the glorification of war.

War never advanced humanity. It was always a setback. To say otherwise is a total falsity.

It destroys culture, lives, families; bankrupted nations and reduced them to pitiful slaves to external aggressors and to the banks that funded these wars.

Great works of art and architecture are destroyed, libraries. I am thinking  of the great library of Alexandria which contained all the works of the ancient past and if we had it today would reveal just how civilised, just how advanced our ancestors were ; but for war - and up until war.

Modern wars brought technological innovation but only in the field of killing.

There's nothing great about the Great War of 1914-1918.

There's nothing great about Alexander.

Is the phrase "not tonight Jopsephine" just a meme, a cue to bypass Napoleons destruction?

The Napoleonic code, did we need war for that?

Discoveries in Egypt, did we need invasion of indigenous people for that?

Were American Indians really as savage as they claim or were they highly advanced societies both in the Northern continent and the southern?

What were they reduced to on both continents by invasion and war?

Same goes for Australian aborigines and African culture.

Was it really necessary to destroy Germany and Japan in WW2? Or were these societies too much of a threat and to whom?

 Same goes for Russia prior to the Bolshevik war and enslavement.

There was no revolution. That is a lie.

War, says the Lord, is a punishment for sin. 

But we should not glorify it for its own sake.

Freedom is a precious gift. But only when we make the right decisions.

War devolves us, spirally.

God allows wars to purify us but only because sin has become so entrenched it can only be removed by the "fire" of war.

He is not in war. He does not lead the charge - NEVER.

And neither should we.