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"Pope Francis" role in the NWO.


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The purpose of this mans seizure of that high office is to convert the Church from the worship of God and to seek heaven to the worship of Satan and thus cause it and the world to fall into hell.

Thus when you hear about a new, modern approach, which condones what has been hitherto known as sin and that hell does not really exist, know that this is the aim. ie. stated above.

Not rocket science, anyone can follow this plot. It is easy.

The church, already weakened but not destroyed, thanks to the popes, by the Second Vatican Council, after 50 years, was rotted enough for the final move.

This weakening was sufficient to give rise to suspicion and conjecture by some, indeed fanatical non catholic christians that the popes were responsible and hence were labelled as the anti christ  or his prophet.

Let us see where they stand now when the real anti pope, the real prophet of the soon to be revealed antichrist demolishes what is left of the church.

Maybe they will side with him?

 They did not side with his predecessors and their church in its weakness as true christians would, so one wonders where their true allegiance lies.

The fake zionist christians will no doubt applaud him as already the zionist jews are doing.

A true christian can never be deceived, so his reign will sort the wheat from the chaff amongst not only the laity but even the priesthood and religious themselves when they are forced to decide between obedience to God's word or the new pope.

Many will be forced out of the church by their decision and much confusion will result amongst the laity. 

Thus it is imperative that this message be spread far and wide, to every corner of the world where the church has a presence. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. 

You can watch the changes unfold for yourself. 

As I said its not rocket science.

 It is the science of the soul, imprinted on it from its creation, which is being called into question by the anti pope and those who have controlled him and manoeuvred him into the position of power he occupies today.

"Pope Francis" role is to create the new citizen for the NWO; a mindless, dumbed down slave of institutionalised paganism.

Read Revelations concerning these times, this pope and his relationship to the anti christ.

"Come out of her, my people."