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….Also called BBC world News, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News etc.

Unless news is independent it is not news, it is propaganda.

Unless it is independent it is not news it is brainwashing.

But propaganda for what and to what end is the brainwashing?

These are the gravely serious  questions and unless we ask them we are in dangerously compromised waters.

The water, like a tap turned on permanently, is words.

These are not short term goals with mere lies to cover outrageous actions.

They are deliberate, long term, well planned actions to deliver you up from a truthful civilised society into barbarity, controlled at the top by a government of barbarous knaves hell bent on your moral, physical and spiritual destruction.

The age old question of why can never be answered. Not in this life at least. No doubt it will become plain in the next.

We must keep this in mind every time we listen to the news and process it through this filter, without becoming a cynic, but a mere realist.

In this way we cans extract the real information from the false paradigm, if there is any real information to be extracted, always keeping in mind the aim is to control, dumb down, scandalise and erase your memory of what is good and decent so that you give up your power to the matrix, deluding you at the subconscious level at the very least that they are your Big Brother.

Do not be alarmed. 

For once you know what the agenda is you can see clearly through the matrix, the perversion of what is really important and what is not and filter out their brainwashing, always asking automatically why, what purpose and finally what is really happening to the extent that the news allows that, otherwise simply reject it out of hand as of no value whatsoever.