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Some Observations on Jewish Culture.


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This being the most difficult essay I have had to write I won't claim to have an answer but I will certainly try and explore what I see in the context of history and all and everyone are free to correct me as long as they are using their head and not their predictable, bland, repulsive and moronic programming.

There are two strands we must explore both in their historical and sociological development of Jewish culture.

There are also two geographical poles within which the strands become entwined, the Semitic and the Turkic.

Jewish culture; maintained and developed in relative isolation is strengthened, in persecution is refined and based on historical customs and beliefs is enriched.

The two strands are religious and worldly. 

With regards the latter the banking element comes to mind, also trade, politics and the professions.

And the former, religious, customs and rituals performed and dates celebrated both within the social grouping but more importantly the family setting, without waiver for thousands of years, music and story telling being a core part of it.

What is the result of the above and are the two strands connected in some way and interwoven influencing the other or are they as in western society somewhat separate but overlapping.

From my observations I go for the latter.

One of the fruits of the former, the religious, are not just religious worship but the theatre, art, writing, philosophy perhaps and overlapping in the fields of science, exploration, building, medical, legal and industrial achievements.

The fruits of the latter are slavery, banking, trade, colonising, war, economic narcissism and destabilisation in International relations.

 But also, overlapping with the religious strand; legal, scientific, medical and industrial achievements the equal to any other social or cultural group but not  greater as generally claimed.

Key features of the unique Jewish experience are a joy de vie, humour and the experience of suffering and coping with this suffering from outside the grouping but at the hands of those within their group which have historically invited it .

 Hence the historically consistent persecutions. 

This persecution does not nor has it ever arisen from the religious strand within Jewish culture which is ridiculous to contemplate but is nevertheless the prevailing misconception, deliberately so.

The worldly strand loves that very scapegoat.

 Rather it is because of certain banking and business practises which all too often bankrupted the opposition at the local level and entire nations within which they live also those with which they trade at the macro level.

I began this essays by saying there were two strands, the religious and the worldly.

 These strands are the torah and the talmud. 

Some would argue that the talmud is also religious. 

But if  that is the case then it is the religion of worldliness - which is moronic.

As for the Kabala, although I haven't read it it would seem there are two interpretations or versions perhaps.

 One is a handbook for life and the other is a formula of magic for world control.

 Maybe this duality exists because of internal censorship, for everyday Jews are not always cognisant of the latter. 

This must be deliberate because Jews are time and time again the first victims of their controllers worldly machinations.

It is difficult except from observations of personality characteristics and fascial features, which are subjective, to distinguish the two geographical strands -semitic and turkic, but we know from history they exist but no doubt overlap.

It is also difficult to separate the worldly from the religious by that same geographic distinction….but I'm sure it bears influence. 

I am sure also that there are Jews thoroughly assimilated which have no notion of their heritage.

 Other Jews such as the Palestinians who though relatively genetically intact have severed all bonds with the cultural and religious aspects of that heritage.