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Russia's Line in the Sand.


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There is a saying that speaks volumes. A leopard never changes its spots.

We can apply this to the cause of many  events occurring in the world today.

We can apply it to the foreign policy of the United States and thus to Israel which owns the foreign policy of the United states.

We can apply it to Iran whose self charted self determination is plainly non negotiable.

Russia is cognisant of both. Under the firm leadership of Putin, a nationalist, its role has already been mapped out.

It knows it is opposed to an implacable foe in an ongoing war -  survival versus world domination. They are the two cards on the table.

It appreciates Israel's domination of American foreign policy, for the ensuing American weakness is Russia's strength, but it knows this control is ultimately aimed at Russia itself and this is its line in the sand.

Russia will not give one inch of its national security and thus the stage is set for confrontation.

Whether this line is crossed in Syria or Iran, or in Eastern Europe, where the positioning of the US 'defence' shield is part of that overall strategy or whether it is crossed in some future attempted economic or social destabilisation of Russia as is the modus operandi in every country in the firing line of the Terror machine or any combination of these Putin and his country have their finger on the pulse.

The inevitable clash to bring about the war of the worlds will be sudden but not short lived. The Terror apparatus will use every means at its disposal developed over a long period including, censorship, propaganda and star wars technology. Russia needs time but it is ready at any and every moment.

The end result will see its relationship with China come to fruition as both know you can't have one without the other. They both know also that the NWO wants it all and may gain it, but not without a fight. 

The strategy must then become mutually assured destruction. Survivors are left with nothing. The world is uninhabitable.

Russia's line in the sand is aimed at least at delaying this outcome for as long as possible, if not outright prevention, which it is always totally committed to.