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The Middle East for Dummies.

Oi vey!

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When asked by the reporter from the New World Times why the ziomasons have succeeded in melting down their own western political creation in the Middle East, Rock and Roth both replied in unison " Because we can."

"Its not always easy to get a good war going and one that will last. " Roth elaborated further. "We've put a lot of effort into this one and we think it has paid off handsomely.

"Of course it would not have been possible without the British carve up early last century; oil and gas; and its central location, from where we can fan out in a multitude of directions, all at once if ever the possibility arises, so it is a masterpiece of demagoguery and political war strategy for global domination, stroke of genius to put it mildly.

Its at the crossroads of world trade and these lines of trade are arteries which go deep into the power centres of the world, so disrupting them which is our ultimate goal will bring them all into convulsion, fighting each other to the death, which is our true purpose."

"You shouldn't have said that." chimed in Rock.

"Oh yes its OK, I'm one step ahead of you Rock. I'm stirring the pot a little more. Its called getting the victim to sweat even more by identifying with his defeat. 

We are powerful enough and far enough along the road of world destruction to do that now."

"Oh yes of course, we are approaching the crossroads." replied Rock.

 "The point at which the opposing powers are dammed if they do nothing so they might as well do something even though they are dammed if they do."

"Correcto mondo." Roth patronized.

"Its religious." he continued. 

This is where everything started for humanity. 

This is why it must be the source of its destruction. I can think of no sweeter revenge.

 Our puppets play out their assigned roles with dutiful absurdity and with our promises to spur them on and nothing can stop us now. We are already at the gates of destruction and the fire burns in our belly until it is finally ignited."

"Should I print this?" the reporter asked, a little puzzled.

"Print that and more: that the ziomason masters will evolve a new society, where all are equal. 

We are equal to that task and will govern benevolently the few who remain.

 They will all satisfy useful roles in the NWO."

"Gotcha." replied the reporter. "Shalom."

"Mazel tov." farewelled Rock and Roth, almost in unison.

Hear the whistle blowing.