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How to Stave off the Encroaching Police State.

Its now or never

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First realise that every move they make is planned in advance right down to the smallest detail and then rehearsed.

Thus you must plan and rehearse your line in the sand, whether it be vaccinations which you cannot take and be healthy, fact; 

gun confiscation - enough said; 

going off grid; 

avoiding their food and water; 

or microchipping. The latter you must avoid even at the price of your life. Not only is it not worth living with their microchip in you….according even to the man who designed it, but it it will cost you the loss of your soul and an eternity of hell - no joke….read Revelations. This is the end time that that book is speaking about….with microscopic and pin point accuracy.

Prayer is essential together with your planning as this will guide you in the right direction. Their psyops have taken this away from you but you can get it back again. It just requires your own will.

Secondly they will try to steer you into the direction they want you to take through the subtle use of ALL forms of the mass media, including film, including the use of trigger words and phrases and they will bypass your conscious mind altogether and go straight for the subconscious but evil is evil and no matter how much they try to disguise it and use it to work on that part of our nature which is vulnerable. Do not get sucked in to the police state mentality, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to extricate yourself from it.

Seek wholesome recreation, reading, music, films and strengthen those you love. Draw close to them for mutual strength and bonding.

Third, remember that this IS the end time and don't expect any slack from the authorities. In this way you can avoid falling into their pitfalls and traps and this applies to the general populace as well, for once they align themselves with the NWO they become the shock troops for it. This will intensify over the 3 years remaining of this tribulation.

Educate your children and your loved ones and try to protect them as much as possible.

Try to stay spiritually connected with the entire anti - establishment worldwide. These spiritual bonds will eventually bring down the NWO.  Spend a little time each day in meditation to this end.

Know that the sacrifices you make will bring in the new paradise on earth at the end, when evil has reached its height and there is nowhere else for it to go but to come crashing down, as foretold in Apocalypse (Revelation.)

Spare some time regularly to read passages of the New Testament but not the modern corrupted version. Search -King James version.

Pray for spiritual unity with all those opposed to the police state NWO terror regime which wishes to impose hell on this beautiful earth.

God bless you mightily as you read and decide to act upon this no matter how little the response may be.

 Read a true story, which occurred on 9/11/99, this will give strength and encouragement to all; - "30,000 Angels Turn up at Sydney Demo for East Timor Independence."

Don't hesitate.