My Short Stories

To Be Free Or Not?

. . . . . . . .  what answer shall we give?

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Enslavement already in place allows more and more devolution of society and power to an evil elite which has no boundaries, so what next?

Americans are incapable of reacting with outrage to their enslavement and that is because they have already been enslaved through years of conditioning and ongoing "therapy" applied in a national program which most certainly exists, of electronic control, through thought implantation and spiritual disconnectedness from their own souls and the souls of others and ultimately from the spiritual group soul as well which is the life and well spring of groups, communities, societies, cultures and ultimately the nation.

That this program and conditioning is real is clear from the control group….. the rest of the world, and from the stimulus-response application of control words which elicit identical (Pavlovian ) responses from citizens who for all intents and purposes are certainly NOT united in any real way, except in their common social enslavement.

The problem with this situation is that the devolution has no braking mechanism. 

It could be a downward spiral into a social and personal hell without limit.

But I believe the American people are better than that. 

That they will at some tipping point rebel, spontaneously, en masse and without warning, just as the people under the communist yoke did in the early 90's.

 When this tipping point is reached is an educated guess but those in power seem to have already guessed and this time are ready for it and not just ready but are leaving no stone unturned to control the situation and they think use it to further their control.

They are wrong, dead wrong because every attempt to free oneself from enslavement is met with divine assistance. 

This they cannot control, but it is this divine assistance that they have sought to hide from the people over so long a period, under the guise of the political and social mantra, "separation of church and state", with its insinuation that  the church is a social cancer which needs to be cut out of the public life. When in actual fact it is the church which puts the" life" in "public life".

This has been very effective.

The church does not reside in institutions however but in the soul of each individual.

 It cannot be contained by place and cannot be manipulated against free will. The soul is free until voluntarily surrendered. 

Those who have surrendered to God already, have nothing to fear from the NWO.

 Indeed have already triumphed over it and this is because the light has already triumphed over the darkness. 

When darkness meets light….who wins? 

Its involuntary - "physics" for the soul. ie it follows certain natural laws which cannot be changed or broken.

the above, not abortion, is the real "choice"