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Angelina Jolie - Soul Stealing.

".....what next, nwo... what next...?"

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When Angelina Jolie joined a long line of women who have had their breasts removed in case they got breast cancer she fell for the ridiculous and unproven hypothesis that people who have a particular gene are 85% likely to get breast cancer.


In doing so she became the poster girl for the operation and for those who are in a similar position.


Has her money softened her head? Or is something else at work?


She has shown in the past her propensity to actively support NWO propaganda but to go so far as to remove two of the most beautiful breasts in the public consciousness, her own, for no good reason, even if the gene thing is true and it sounds ridiculous to me, unnatural, and they haven’t proven their case, alternative cancer treatments work, something they don’t want you to know and I can suggest why, and in  so doing  cheapen all breasts and thus femininity everywhere, in the mass media, on which Americans suck, pun intended, something else is at work. I call it soul stealing.


It was always the aim and work of the NWO to replace femininity with feminism. We see clearly the opposite characteristics required for each. If you cannot see this no amount of explanation will suffice to convince you. You may already be dead. Check your pulse regularly, just in case.


This NWO work is relentless and coincides with the neutering of the manhood of western society and societies everywhere – with bombs where all else fails. With bombs, so as to subjugate the people and thus introduce to them the more effective methods used in the West. This is all tantamount to soul stealing and nowhere is the fruit of decades of this more apparent than in the USA whose people have allowed the country to be taken over by the biggest falange of criminals in human history, and because their souls have been stolen, they do not even seeem to know or give a damn.


Indeed the people of the USA are the poster children for NWO domination all over the world.


Even as far back as the 70′s this was parodied in other societies all over the world by the term “Planet America.” How much further has this soul stealing progressed in that time?


In the Middle East this WAS NOT referenced by the term “THE GREAT SATAN” but rather, these astute, well grounded people were referring to the forces which were actively carrying out this soul stealing….the hidden forces than ran the US government through corruption of elected officials…. although they were not always clear on whether this hidden force was the actual visible government itself, but it doesn’t matter for it may as well be.


The ultimate soul stealing is to be able to microfine tuning of their control over a persons brain and emotional centres, as well as their complete physicality and spirituality with a for  purpose built microchip, linked to a central computer and with a central computer program. This has already been developed, produced and mandated in legislation for roll out under pain of death by beheading. These guillotines, in their thousands have been sighted all across America. an electrically operated modern innovation, made in China, associated with prison railcars, detention centres, coffins and crematoria which have also been sighted and information on which has been disseminated on the only means of communication worth the name, and even this subject to massive censorship through Google and other evil incarnates in computer science and  government internet control.


You didn’t know? Are you telling me the mass media hasn’t mentioned all this? ,,,, GASP! (sarcasm).


The world should pray for America, as your head is next on the chopping block….. pun intended ;those who still believe in prayer. The NWO has taken this great power away from you as well, and you have voluntarily acquiesced.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!