My Short Stories

How we cannot defeat the nwo

......not on our own

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As it is demonic it can only be defeated by spiritual unity but there is no spiritual unity as this has been systematically destroyed by them

you must notice that none of the churches have mounted a campaign which could unite all of christendom against them and defeat them.

this proves the churches have been infiltrated and this is the reason for their infiltration.

we are left with the startling and sobering conclusion that it is the underground church which will oppose them

this we see from apocalypse, the prediction for these times, but also massive movement by the lord of all, jesus christ and the saints and angels, esp his holy mother, Mary.

there is only one defeat and that is the above, but at what point, this we are unknowing of at the moment but it will come when evil has reached its highest point…when it shouts victory, when it indeed achieves victory, then will come its quick demise. We may be dead, but we will rise again as it is foretold, for a new earth, unlike the current one.

we are to have part in this victory but what this part is is anyones guess.

we know that it will be headed manifestly by God himself not ourselves and in this there is a difference from all the spiritual battles that have gone before, from the beginning.

this gives us pause and reflection and also faith in the strength and permanency of victory and in this we carry on where others have fallen by the wayside for without god we are lost, helpless, alone and defeated in this battle, manifestly more so than in all other battles which have gone before.

those who do not yet know god will be given the opportunity to do so as part of the battle against evil and triumph of good. to this end we are living in a time when miracles will shake our complacency and our unbelief. we will walk with god or we will fail and our hearts must be right in order to do the former.

indeed it is a great time, in that those whose hearts are right, will see god and walk with him and in this way will be saved in the coming storm which is here  already, at the very door.

He is the rider of the white horse and to him is victory

here we see the patience of the saints