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...or now you see it, now you don't.

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I once read the opposite to the world war 2 story.

How so?

It was based on British intelligence documents released after the 30 year or 50 year expiration of the suppression. Can't remember which.
Given the motives contained in the documents they are credible sources which cannot be disputed.

Fast foreward to today and it is safe to assume that in 30 or 50 years time the truth will show itself to be180 degrees ie. the opposite of what we are told today.

We can thus  go back in history and assume  that all recorded history is a lie. without exception.

There is no growth based on lies.

There is no development.

Maybe thats why society has stagnated, culture has all but disappeared and we are in a devolution rather than an evolution.

One only has to read some works of the past, to support the contention that this may be so.

But there are degrees.

Not all are constrained by the censorship which comes from social control.

Not all is constrained by the propagators and disseminators of lies.

The problem for us is firstly to distinguish between the two and then to take sides totally and not waiver.

This polarization between good and evil, which essentially is what we are discussing here is as old as history itself.

It is only when technology is developed that the situation becomes catharctic.

As today but also in the past.

Technology has on all three occasions led to disaster and not to good, including the current time period.

Time for a change. 

Time for a big change.

Time for technology to lead to utopia, as my generation envisioned it would in our childhood and not to destruction as it has in the past and the present time event even more so.

Mankind cannot hope to pull himself out of this destructive cycle. It is truly beyond him, and his means.

Truly it is. He is too far gone, always has been. He has relied on the exception rather than the rule in many cases just to survive till now.

What will become of him?

There is only one solution, outside intervention.

But this will not come from spacemen who if they exist are probably just as depraved as us.

It will come from evil itself destroying finally its own essence, thus liberating mankind from its grasp.

This is the only solution to mans freedom, for he always uses it unwisely.

And this is what modern technology will finally accomplish.

For though it has discovered the technology it did not create it. It was always there, written in the rules of physics, chemistry, biology by forces other than our own.

And written too into the science of life are the methods, indeed they must be, as self-preservation dictates, for the ridding itself of the vaccum of evil.

Project bluebeam coming to your mind soon.