My Short Stories

Man vs. Evil.


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 It is normal when faced with evil to be thoroughly revolted and to do all in one's power to destroy it by any possible means.

The bigger its face and the more in your face the greater the need to fight it.

Even when this power is so large and holds the office of authority the normal reaction is to at least in your heart reject this evil and excise it from any influence on you. 

It is fatal to the soul to allow yourself to become part of it, hence you revolt and reject not only the source of the act but all and any thing related to it.

This is normal human behaviour - normal, as in sane.

Often evil is  disguised in such a way that unless it affects you directly it does not register as evil. 

This is how wars are fought and societies are enslaved to would be demonic dictators….they miss the early signs, and feel they are supporting a just war, a just cause, a just leader.

But if ever evil was to win it must force acceptance of lies even as lies, of oppression even as oppression, of murder for its sake and torture for its sake in the minds of people who would otherwise reject these things.

This would only ever be possible if it was so institutionalised as to become the status quo but one would think that even then there would be the strongest possible resistance. 

We are at that point now.

 Mankind, especially in the USA, the seat of evil, corruption, lies, murder and demon worship, on display for all the world to see, mankind and especially America is facing its Waterloo.

We know evil can never win. 

We know mankind will survive, as it has done for millennia. 

Mankind will reject evil especially when he comes face to face with it, and this mere rejection is conquest.

 This is why evil tries so hard to force subjugation. 

Subjugation is not and never can be a platform for submission.