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NWO - What we can do about it.

"...this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius."

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Now that we have identified the problem we can decide what we are going to do about it.

There is not conquest required or battle to engage in or agenda to pursue.

The hard work is already done for you.

First, know that you have already defeated the NWO.

Now claim this defeat by living in your world as you would want to regardless of what is happening around you. it is best to ignore it completely.

Live in the truth in other words.

Negative stories about the NWO often come from the NWO itself to discourage you. If this happens ignore it immediately and continue living in your truth.

Surround yourself with truth and life and block negativity in your life in whatever form it tries, and it will, to invade your life, be it music, bad neighbours, fellow shoppers or workers, even family  or general evil that comes in waves on the street or anywhere. 

You can feel it but as soon as block it and remove yourself mentally and spiritually and even physically if that is sat all possible from the scene.

Live in your own space.This will not cut you off from those with love in their hearts. On the contrary it will identify them more clearly and you will seek them out more wholeheartedly. In this way we bit by bit, gradually over time build up this alternative reality which is the only reality in other words. This  will increase and in strength day by day.

 Nourish your body with healthy things and avoid poisonous malnutrition food as a rule although this is not always possible.

 Use natural soap from health food stores and a shower filter and spring water for drinking and cooking.

.. Do the Hulda clark liver cleanse with a whole day of fasting, water only the day before the actual procedure start - this will save you numerous further cleanses;

She also recommends fenugreek seeds, available from any Indian grocery to lower blood sugar levels.

 have bentonite on hand for cleansing, taken in hydrated form, as well as colloidal silver if you can afford it. 

Both of the above fight infections very well.

Have regard for those in need and help where and how you can but always without detriment to your true self as this can also be a trap. This does not excuse you from self sacrifice.

Know that there is a plan for the universe other than that of the dark side and you are in that plan.

Young People are Growing up in this World of Lies,  being vaccinated and indoctrinated in schools, being exposed to demonic  music and film constantly.

 But it is the young who more readily see through the lies, if they are indeed awake.

Parents have a responsibility not just to themselves but to their children, to set the parameters of their morality and to educate them to the matrix of lies and the genetically modified food, poor medicine, radiation, chemtrails, fluoride and a mammoth of other things affecting their health and well being both physically and mentally.

Praise God.