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 -  33  signs to look out for.

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 Make no mistake, the common denominator of ALL of the NWO's agenda, no matter how subtle or obtuse, which is happening now, is terror, torture and death:

Understand why

When news is not news

just brainwashing parading as news..

when religious worship is not religious worship

but a sacrilege

law is not law but

government is anarchy

with anarchists in power

against the people

money is no longer money

when education is dumbing down

medicine is not helpful but harmful

food is not nutritious

autism, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer strokes, altzeimers etc. are common in society

vaccinations are not inoculations

the air is not just air

the water is not just water

you cannot trust anyone

even your own

this is when you know you are in the nwo

when there is continuous war 

and rumours of war which never cease

when music is not musical

films are not  entertaining

advertisements are not just selling products

even the matresses, blankets and clothes you wear poison you

when bees no longer pollinate

when natural disasters are no longer natural

when you are headache prone constantly

when tv suspends your thinking but you can't look away

when they try to microchip you

when your cigarettes kill you

when they silence you

and instil fear in you

when they rape your children with violence and perversity

when Christ is mocked

witchcraft is exalted

when they try to force you to knowingly and even willingly accept their lies - as your lot in life

when all these things happen then you are a slave

 then you are in the NWO

if you resist you will be arrested

if you protest you will be shipped off for retraining

if you refuse to accept the status quo you will be beheaded

lest we forget