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     -    a big misnomer.

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The word itself is doublespeak of course. Your enemy is anything but your brother and the Orwellian state we are witnessing being formed is your enemy because it hates you.

 It is based on hatred of the citizens and hence the desire to control them.

 The term is a psychological mind wash designed to instil in you feelings of dependency and empathy with the systemic force which hopes to enslave you so that this enslavement is  more fully secure.

If you don't understand the above without someone having to point it out to you you may also need to listen carefully to what follows.

Doublespeak is a two edged sword. It can work in the above manner, mind washing to believe in the lies which form a matrix of mind control or it can free you from the above simply through being aware of it and then it takes on a whole new purpose and that is you automatically and reflexively believe the opposite to what they want to instil in you.

 This happened (the latter) in the former Soviet Union and this was how the Russians and others  were able to remain normal in a psychotic system of control. 

We do well to learn to reject the system and hence believe the opposite to everything it says.

These are trying times but they are also times of great opportunity presented to our souls when we attempt to surmount the difficulties. The graces will always be available to do so.

In these times our souls are on trial and we must pay the small price required of our freedom and that is to never submit whilst at the same time not giving the opposition the opportunity to triumph over us. 

We must be astute, cunning, courageous, uncompromising and have concern for others on the same road. 

We must never engage the enemy. 

We must leave that up to God and give ourselves to Him in spirit completely, seeking, allowing and trusting his spirit to guide us in all things, in all places and at all times.

 In this we find a happiness and contentment within; we triumph over our enemies and evade their traps, plans and works against us; we strengthen our souls and helping our fellow travellers we can rejoice with them also.

The time allotted for the enemy of mankind is very short.

 We will not lose heart knowing this. It is our strength to endure.

We have already passed 4 years of the 7 year tribulation but the worst is yet to come.

For those who know Christ who is our brother, he never makes himself big in our presence even though he is omnipotent, except to share this with us by our voluntary surrender.