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The End Game.

..... are you prepared?

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"…and it causes all…. to mark themselves on the right hand or the forehead, that no one would be able to buy or sell save he that has the mark - the name of the beast or the number of its name….666."

Revelations 13: 16-18.

All bar codes have that number 666 embedded in them.

This was written 2000 years ago in the wake of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Did they have computers then, which would make this prediction understandable to that generation? I think the answer is no.

All the modern infamy surrounding the number 666 and a microchipped population comes from this passage of the Bible. 

Otherwise we would be in the dark and think perhaps that it was a good thing to get microchipped.

All the resistance in the world, which is massive, would not exist one iota except for this passage in the Bible and how it relates to another passage which tells the consequence of being microchipped.

All the thrust of the truth movement, the anti imperialist movements and anti NWO movement gets its energy, its verve, its understanding and knowledge of what the NWO is really all about from this passage of the Bible; a Bible which is Christian and proclaims the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world, and we see this salvation even in this tiny extract and its related passage on the consequences of taking the microchip.

It is not in the Koran, nor the Hindu or Buddhist texts, nor any other texts of the hundreds of so called religions out there. 

The time for conversion is upon the world.

The time for hypocrisy is ended.

You either sink or swim. The choice is yours, once the knowledge has been given to you, you have no further excuse, as the Lord Jesus Christ is not mocked. 

Hell is a real place for a reason and that reason is the sins of the fallen angels and their followers on earth.

Once you are given the truth there is no more excuse to not believe and you will be rejected by the one that you reject.

Death is final.

That is the real end game for us personally, but the world itself is now in an end game scenario where the forces of the antichrist  whose number 666 have become powerful but not unstoppable.

Only faith and love in obedience to the Spirit of God within us which we must ALWAYS seek and follow, can and will bring them down. Forces of evil, despite their power are nothing opposed to the power of the Holy Spirit. Faith and love  are the very forces that they rebelled against in the beginning which resulted in their banishment to hell.

Faith and love and following the narrow road in this world are nourished by prayer and discipline of our carnal natures.

God will come again and in the above way we prepare for and hasten  his second coming and the bright future for the planet.

Do not be left behind.

Come Lord Jesus!