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Australian Independance

Haphazard to say the least.

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This would involve the removal of all foreign influence on external and internal policy.

To do this one has to identify which foreign embassies are used for this purpose and cutting ties with those countries completely in a diplomatic sense except for a base skeleton to monitor and help facilitate trade with those nations, unless a boycott ensues and they must then be unceremoniously turfed out completely.

 At the moment this would involve the USA and Britain and possibly their proxies, the EU, Israel, Canada and New Zealand if after monitoring these too were seen to be exerting or attempting to exert undue influence on behalf of their puppet masters.
 They must be given a chance to show they bona fides however and get their house in order first.

The repercussions for the above would be severe and Australia must then ask itself if it is not worth joining another bloc or even forming one with the exclusion of the above perpetrators of civil and foreign interference.

However this is only one half of the equation as there are other channels into the nation which do not appear to have direct links to foreign governments.

These would include Jewish and Freemasonic type groups and these must be found out if they are in secret. 

Also direct links between military and police forces and their overseas counterparts as well as the intelligence agencies must be uncovered and purged of undue overseas influence.

Banking interests must then be looked at as well as mining and agriculture not to the detriment of these industries but to their concealment of a foreign agenda.

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foreigners treading on our national interests.