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Its really happening

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It would be a mistake to think the 'them and us' as regards to brainwashing has clear defined lines. This is not the case.

A soldier does not go on killing unless he has been brainwashed.

A reporter does not go on reporting lies unless he or she has been brainwashed.

But there is another level. Those who know they are doing wrong at some level, but feel constrained. This too is brainwashing.

The leaders of all nations it is safe to say have been brainwashed. 

This may well be to different levels but it is still there. 

They live in a community of leaders which posses a group mind and none has shown that much independence of thought or action, up to a point at least. 

No matter whether we are referring to East or west, North or south, black or white, brown or yellow, a public consensus unless it is based on absolute truth is brainwashing.

A group mind unless it is based on the knowledge which comes from freedom of thought is brainwashing.

It is very easy however to escape this matrix once we are aware of it.

 It falls away and dissolves like confetti and the reason why is that it is all the same brand.

 It is all the same illusion and once we are aware of it, the blinkers come off, the scales are removed from our eyes and more importantly from our understanding and our heart.

Reality then becomes an integral part of our everyday existence and we are the masters of our own fate  and no longer slaves to the illusion, a worldwide illusion with many intricate parts encompassing every area and facet of our lives that world leaders must wake up to if they are to be saved and which can save their citizens as well.

The truth is there if we will just see it but first we have to rid ourselves of the illusion.