My Short Stories


... the lifeBLOOD (literally) of the NWO.

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There was a time, not so very long ago, when there were no computers, doing the work of armies, in the bookkeeping world including the ranked officers, all the way up to general and even chief of staff.

Make no mistake the world is run as a computer program.

 This is how the NWO  One World will be run; governed by a computer program which will detect and destroy anything it thinks is a threat to its operation ie. non conformity.

 In other words, we are the viruses which must be eliminated.

Thats one use for computers.

Here's another and I guarantee it does not compute with the NWO.

Banking without the profit motive which means trillions in the pockets of ordinary people instead of the banks.

This banking is simply nationalisation of existing banks and the lowering of interest rates to homebuyers and business to simply reflect cost of administration.

The central banks likewise are the property of government for the people by the people. The central treasury issues all legal tender.

Central bankers cannot be prosecuted as they have been allowed to thieve to date and this would be a double standard. they can and should however be exposed along with their crimes so that they cannot go anywhere on earth without fear of retribution.

The problem with the notion that they themselves coined that "they are too big to fail" is that they HAVE FAILED. So their premise is false to begin with.

We must not rely on governments to bring this about. they are the governments at present. We must call for this to be brought about ourselves along with the confiscation of all modes of media rom them and placement in the hands of those who work there, including the fair distribution to them of all profits.

This twin edged sword is our call. This is what we must do. This is our aim. this is our prayer. This is our desire. This is our life's work, in writing, in communicating, in understanding, study, research and fellowship.