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Australian Immigration Detention Centres. The Universality of Method.

NWO in overdrive.

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Why the brutality? Why the application of Israeli methods of torture? … For mere asylum seekers.

Why the privatisation of cruelty and in a system which includes children? 

Who are these private corps running these detention centres and why no government standards or supervision.

In  a world aghast at the news of kidnapped teenagers held against their will in some maniacs house for 10 years, why no linkage to those held under similar conditions by the government?

Is it a case of if its the government its OK?

Why the double standard?

The same goes for the murder of the innocent - called "choice" the only choice is the choice of the perpetrators of hell over heaven when they die. 

Thats the only choice.

What it boils down to is if the government does it its OK, as in for example wars of the United States against the Third World, Middle Eastern and the emerging Eastern European world from the oppression and suppression of communism.

If the central western banks do it its OK as in the "too big to fail" justification for the financial rape of the entire world.

This worship of authority would be sinful even if these institutions were legitimate, moral. God alone shalt thou worship!

But to worship authority that is brutal from the depths of hell, by our acquiescence ……..will only end horribly for the whole world, including ourselves.

The brutality of method is a universal. 

This leads to the notion that there is an unspoken network which controls everything, even the controllers or those we think are the real controllers but who are not. 

Yet no one in the alternative press is willing to talk about them, the real controllers, focussing their energy instead on their proxies, to no avail, and to the ruination of the whole world.

Fake Jews are at the top of the pyramid, which is this hidden network but the bulk of this pyramid of evil is composed of gentiles. 

What happens to the top of the pyramid if we collapse what is underneath. They have nothing to hold 

them up and they come crashing to the ground in a crescendo of victory for God which is none other than the liberation of mankind.

God will do it if we but show the desire for it. But we cannot have any desire for it if we never discuss it and neither can those who rely on us for information.

If we do not we will be enslaved.

Lord save us.