My Short Stories

Black Magic.

The raison d'etre of the NWO.

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This is the modus operandi of the NWO.

It explains how they are able to deceive governments around the world, to get away with their plans for demonic enslavement of the entire world.

The 911 illusion….black magic


Sandy Hook..

Oklahoma - pick your own false flag, obvious false flag, but still the vast majority of people are powerless to respond….hence they get away with it.

Palestine, Vietnam (have we learnt nothing?) , 'gas ovens', Iraq, Yugoslavia, Burrundi, Libya, Afghanistan, the Great Depression and two World Wars, London 7/7, Bali, Port arthur (in Tasmania)….they didn't get away with the Madrid bombings, the government was soundly defeated. Are the Spanish more immune to black magic? If so thank the legacy of Franco.

How will we go without protest into a One World Government and Religion if not as the result of Black Magic.

How did we give them control of our money if not as the result of Black Magic.

How they trivialise magic in the public mind whilst practising it in ernest in the dark places.

The overthrow of the Catholic church in two stages was accomplished because the priests were not up to the task of discovering black magic.

Stage One was the Second Vatican council and stage Two is the Current anti -pope.

When his antichrist walks onto the world stage which will be soon it will be through the application of black magic.

When they give cancer treatments which kill not cure and vaccines which destroy not prevent, when they apply poisons right in front of your eyes to the air and you do nothing, when they microchip you, it is and will all be through the application of black magic.

There is no need to go into the details - the black magic matrix is all around you. Discover it for yourself if you would be free from it. Only you can help yourself. It is a personal battle which we all must face.

Lord help us.