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The NWO is the Bolshevik Revolution Mark II.

.... mark my words

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 The Dept Homeland Security may well be about to unleash another Bolshevik Revolution upon America. 

It will be (as it always is with these people ) a copybook repeat of the bloody revolution of the 1918 -1929 Revolution in Russia.

As the "White Russians"  fought against the Reds during those years  similarly  those members of the military loyal to the American republic will be joined by patriots.

 This is the reason for their ammunition purchases and the bizarre ultimatum to the Military by them, the DHS that "We will subsume you."

 This is the only way they can achieve their nwo goals . It is always bloodshed which they covet so we are in for a repeat of the slaughter of those times!

 The press is muzzled and will never broach the subject, by direct order. 

The alternative media however is beginning to catch  on and to the implications of current processes as they relate to NWO Bolshevik - bloody revolution, thinking and ideology. 

They serve Satan and past experience has shown that they believe blood offering on a massive scale is what he demands most of them and this is coming, if we allow it. 

Thus  the hollow point bullets for this sacrifice to Satan, as the cruelest bloodshed in its most violent and at the same time most prolific form both to the victims and the witnesses. there are other means they have planned as well.

 The Bolsheviks in Russia, and the hidden government in England and America which instigated both World Wars, and the NWO are the same group, with the same aims and the same agenda.

 The modus operandi is the same and we have seen this clearly in post 911 America - its bloodshed abroad and repression at home.

 They only have only one playbook which they use repeatedly. 

This predictability is a weakness on their part but a strength to those opposed to them who take note of it.

 They will use  the element of surprise, as night follows day, aided by the media blackout which already exists regarding their machinations and mechanisms.

 No stone left unturned, everything will be in place.

 A rapid execution of their plans is expected, requiring massive firepower and other means of coersion and blackout to forestall the rest of the country from developing a response, in my view.

 It will not be restricted to America. Everyone needs to be on the alert as the same playbook will be used in every country they control.

 It is good to remember at this point that these people have no allegiance to any country, in fact abhore all national identity.

 We are all the same to them, useless eaters and they have no qualms, no concience and no choice, at least not without divine intervention, about what they intend to do and already have executed in many places across the globe.

For those who think this is paranoia and an overreaction, even if you are right, what of it?

 It simply means we take more seriously our preparations both mentally and materially to defend ourselves and our families against the increasing economic collapse which will accelerate and be used as a  trigger for an unprecedented crackdown.

Everything is always sugar coated, even when it is horrendous. 

Lies are now doublespeak so all you have to do is read and understand what they say "backwards" ie. the opposite, and you get the picture. 

Simple really, if you're awake.

 You need to be, as this deciphering of their doublespeak, broadcast by the media, will be a very important  method of working out their intentions and actions and enable us to plan and execute our own survival in this rapidly approaching post civilised world, which is none other than a continuation of empire but on a grander scale and brought on by the acess of the money powers to modern technology, nothing more, nothing less.

Re Australian aborigines.

 There were some who treated the aborigines kindly but like the Americas, Africa and Asia it was a matter of greed for farmland and other natural resources and the natural aboriginal response to the taking of their hunting grounds, but the whites as everywhere else had overwhelming firepower. Again his access to higher technology was the sole enabler of  tyranny then as it is today.

 Some white men were extremely cruel. I won't point the finger at the English or the French or the Spanish they were pretty equal.

 But where else in the world but Tasmania were all the natives systematically slaughtered to the very last man ... as were also the Tasmanian tigers, also for the same invalid reason, the killing of livestock. The latter is another story however but what kind of cruelty, as which happened in Tasmania, makes a woman wear her husbands head around her neck?

This is the level of evil we are at the disadvantage of because we cannot comprehend it.

 And this is the level of evil which has reared its ugly head again in our time.

"Come out of her my people." (Revelations.)