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The 2013 USA Orwellian State

**** ### ... leave while you still can ...  ### ****

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Basically the attitude of the authorities now is "What are you going to do about it" as they trash common law, morality and decency.

That is to those who are awake.

I don't even believe they will try to hide their crimes  any more.

This again is textbook terror. ie the hidden government are terrorists and there is nothing we can do about it.

What is more terrifying than that?

You wake up one morning and find you are being governed by people who want you brain dead.

You suddenly realise your air, food, water, medicine and communications is poisoned deliberately to kill you, your spouse, your children and your whole community

You have no rights, freedoms, job, house, gas for your car and you are being brutalised by the police.

Your children are being vaccinated compulsorily with deadly vaccines or risk losing them to a perverted criminal pedo welfare system.

You are surveilled, filed listened to and photographed around the clock.

Your faith and moral compass is ridiculed, outlawed and perverted from without and by infiltration and coercion from within.

Schools have been taken over by a homosexual agenda and homeschooling is abolished.(Not saying it is yet but it is getting difficult in some states)

What is more terrifying than that?

"When people lose everything they lose it"?

Not if your guns are confiscated as the final blow to your ability to fend off the terror and tyranny.

Americas borders will be sealed as people try to flee north or south.

Why do you think the "security " is so heavy at airports and now even roadblocks? It is not because of terrorists. They haven't caught any terrorists. Doublespeak is here. Its landed.

Its because you will soon not be allowed to flee by road air or rail.

Boats either for that matter unless you are knowledgeable. The Coast Guard, now nothing more than a drug smuggling operation will be used to keep people in as well.

Surveillance cameras which are hidden but rise out of the ground when they sense movement are already in place along the Canadian border.

It is already a hassle to cross the border at legal crossing points. The questions for why you are leaving - Is that not mischievous in the least?

You wont hear in the media about the thousands who, because they were awake have already fled the country since 911.

You wont hear in the media about the camps, the transport logistics already in place, the forced microchipping - until it is too late.

What you do hear and will hear, is the sugar coating on every evil and many of you will swallow it.

"come out of her my people."