My Short Stories

Lies, Lies and More Lies.

- don't be sucked in.

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People who live in the West are lied to from cradle to grave and they die not knowing it.

They are lied to about everything.

The only thing in their lives that is not a lie is what they have learnt from their own personal experience of life.

Everything else is a lie.

Even their social interactions are based on lies as they are fed by the lie machine and this is reiterated by them as what they believe is knowledge and moral code.

They are indeed sheep therefore this process is perfectly executed.

They are products of the matrix. They are the matrix.

People in the West then are the shock troop enforcers of their own NWO.

But there is a limit to what they will accept. 

The powers that rule over them know this, hence the gun and ammo purchases by their rulers who are self proclaimedly beyond the government.

 I am referring to the DHS. (Department of Homeland Security), the Intelligence burocracy, Fema and the Federal Reserve, which is the real ruler of the country, with much worldwide power.

Their power is based on a carefully developed regime of lies which is almost their sole occupation. 

Not content with what they now have they want it all and this endeavour will be and is being based on layer on layer on layer of lies as well.

 We have to understand what we mean by lies here. It is not as is generally used in society or maybe it is depending on how big a lie some are capable of perpetrating, but generally a lie is taken to mean a spontaneous reply of some kind. 

This is not the case.

 In this case the lie is everything and everything resulting from it is also a lie.

The spiritual dimension is easy to understand when we consider that their father is a liar and was so "from the beginning. "  He is the father of lies - Lucifer or Satan.

 The powers that rule over you have spirits at their shoulder instructing them on how to go about the business of their father, the devil. His business is death and it is based on lies.

 They themselves are lied to by their spirit guides and don't even know it, or are unable to care whatever the case may be.

Being aware of the enemy as liars arms us better to do battle. But we must be careful.

 "Liar liar, pants on fire!" will not work. 

We must be subtle. Surround ourselves with the love of those who care about us as well as the love which is out there and to which we must respond.

Then our path will be clearly lit as we with one hand promote love and the other destroy all evil with which we come in contact.

Sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary pray for us.

Holy Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ protect us.