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The Morbidity of the American Response to its Enslavement


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The response of the American Republic to its neutering by ziomasonry in government agencies and even more corruption in government itself is one of hopelessness.

This is reflected in the societal fabric  as a stunned silence, followed by a morbid acceptance or at least fearful apprehension regarding the future.

The social cohesion is long gone, fractured by constant  "cold" and "hot" war, natural (?) disasters, economic oblivion,  deep moral crisis and unpredictable government intrusion in the private lives of  citizens.

Sadly Americans have not yet caught on to the new status quo. When they do will it be too late?

Take a hint. In it, you are not free.

The notional understanding of policy of  "separation of church and state" has left you unaware of the core deception inherent the design of this policy. It is not  as would appear from its literal translation a delineation between the mechanics of government and the spirituality of the national moral consensus and those involved in each.

That is is a nonsense.

Rather it is the splitting apart  of the mental and spiritual faculties of the national psyche, resulting in the enslavement of the one and destruction of the other.

 They have achieved this through induced worship of the mass communication matrix,  where reality is absent, replaced  exclusively by an illusory  self promotion at all costs as the primary national pastime.

This implosion of values, leading to an explosion of society in alienating orgies of primeval self satisfying and lust results in a decrease in empathy and understanding of our fellow man.

In this atmosphere the imposition of dictatorial rule meets little resistance.

When attacked by  government authorities intent on taking away our freedoms the natural coalescence to fight off the encroachment which one would expect as a result of social bonds is non existent. The bonds have been lost. We flounder alone, alienated and helpless, skirting the edge of hopelessness.

Welcome to  21st century  America.

Mankind, rather than reaching his zenith, has hit a new low. One where no man has gone before, nor can he go again, as this is unsustainable. 

In this environment mankind may  pine for the days of mere economic hardship, but free from the spiritual and mental shackles of a government system given over to the dark side.

Is this where man has come to? Can we look foreword to nothing more? 

The morbidity of  the response to this question is all the more chilling, when faced with a seemingly unopposed end game, rising clearly on the horizon; moral and spiritual destruction and mental, emotional as well as physical  enslavement - the mechanism of which is continuously being enshrined in a legal framework .