My Short Stories

the New World Religion

Don't fall for it.

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                                                                      The New World Religion.

The New World Order though based on the dehumanisation and mechanisation of the people is accomplished through the application of religious belief ie. Satan worship.

The magicians are drawn to this religion by the attraction of the magic and belief based on this magic, that Satan is King and his promises are true, although nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst the magic governs the workings of the New World Order, which is already here, though not fully implemented, they rely on science to imitate magic for public consumption.

Project Blue Beam involves holograms in space for this purpose and our knowledge of the existence of this project together with that of the two blue beams which replaced the World Trade Centre buildings One and Two for a time after their demolition, proves that not only were the planes holograms, as if we needed proof, but they are actually bragging about it and the deception brought about by it before the whole world.

Occult timing and occult significance are behind every false flag, therefore we are left wondering . But we shouldn't wonder. It is enough to know that magic is afoot. The very word has been taken out of the realm of reality in its evil sense, and this is just as the word God too has been trivialised and all for opposite purposes - to enable them to secretly extol and use the former, magic, to their full potential , while relegating the latter, God, to a by word in the public consciousness.

Money may be the religion for some. But these are lower down in the pyramid of power and that word power is what it is all about for the true believers - the power of magic, the power of human sacrifice on which this magic is based and from which they draw Satan from hell. The greater the human sacrifice the greater the power and hence the religious desire to destroy the planet and all but a few hundred million of its inhabitants.

This is the reality we are in. This is the reality which accompanies the galloping police state takeover and enslavement of humanity.

It is opposed by the soul of man, with its Divine consciousness, in its connectedness. This spiritual union with others, however we choose to achieve it and which all the forces of the antichrist who will soon appear, cannot touch, will be his downfall and the downfall of Satan, who has fed his ambitions and that of his New world Order and it  will usher in the reign of God on this earth forever and ever.

This then is the real new world and this is its religion. But do not fall for imitations. Evil never announces itself as evil. It always brings itself out in the open under the guise of good. It will speak of peace, but there will be no peace. It will speak of love but this is nothing but a thin disguise and finally it will win many over with its call for unity but this is nothing but sameness and at a level which will be and already is a curse and not a blessing.

Come Holy Spirit

Fill the hearts of your faithful
and enkindle in them 
the fire of your love
send forth thy spirit
and we shall be created anew
and thou shall renew
the face of the earth.