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Another tactic for total control.

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Another tactic for total control.

There are certain events institutions and markers in society which act as unifying gestures  which hold it together despite its large size which can otherwise act as an alienating factor.

The constitution, flag, bill of rights, football and other sporting events, music, Red Cross, famous personalities even when this is associated with a common good but there are also other markers which act on the subconscious in a good way to enhance unification, cohesion and oneness of the whole while strengthening and merging into the culture. These may not seem obvious at first. At least not until they are disrupted.

Red lights for ambulance/fire and blue for police was a standard which was part of the culture which had a deep psychological meaning which is why those colors were chosen. Now its blue and red for all emergency services and not the rhythmic undulating swirl of light seen in the past but a rapid pulsating action creating a dissonance in color perception and movement which is psychologically disruptive in processing.

Similarly speed bumps on the road and unnecessary roundabouts, petrol price continuous fluctuations etc etc. which in the past was a stable and hence unifying societal marker in an otherwise dysfunctional national social psychological understanding.

One could go on and on about how the NWO has systematically destroyed national social cohesion and harmony in a deliberate way soley for the purpose of fracturing unity and the energy which each possesses as partaker of that unity, all of which is anathema to the Orwellian state where each is a single unit without purpose except to contribute one small part to the souless machine without partaking of spiritual bonding which no longer exists as it is excised in this manner from the equation.

Hence we see the destruction of music, sports, patriotism, faith, morals, the national dialogue, history etc as national social unifying and solidifying forces and their being turned into weapons of disunity and collapse of society. 

Television news and programming serves the same purpose and themes are introduced to facilitate this social breakdown whereas if used responsibly they could enhance and build national social character, cohesion, spirit, energy and life.

So we see advertising being misused in a similar way ALWAYS portraying the male as an idiot and the female as superior in their interaction, always. It goes further of course but this is the main corrosive factor on society even more so than the deliberate use of the female as an unobtainable object of sexual desire. 

The Boston marathon bombing, school and theatre massacres, the attack on the Pentagon and WTC. The bombing of the fertiliser factory. These are all scientifically chosen targets to enhance destabilisation of society and the fracturing of the national psyche. They could not have chosen better.

Step outside the box.