My Short Stories

The Corporate Welfare State.

Brave New World

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                                                    Consider for a moment the corporate welfare state that America has become since 911, while major corps pay nil taxes or little tax.

Consider the drain of wealth from the nation that wars costs, and the military generally, and bogus medicine, and the illegal drugs, the drain on the pockets of ordinary americans of fed reserve bogus debt and the ensuing interest which the average american pays, not the offshore megacorps, then add the added burden of criminal handouts to the criminal banks by the trillion which devalues the money in your bank account and your pocket; consider the cost of all the intelligence agencies which don't seem to be able to stop any terrorist attacks. If they did they would be bragging about it…but nothing. consider, god knows what else but we must mention the black budget, underground projects which not even congress knows about, have cost some estimate as much as 50 % of the national budget then consider only a small fraction of all this waste could end poverty in america, another small fraction could rejuvenate its infrastructure, another small fraction could give everyone free medical care and another small fraction could fund the education system as a jewel in the crown of america and not as its shame as it is now.

THEN CONSIDER you pay huge property taxes every year just on the roof over your head. You are a serf, nothing more. You are unable to redress the situation despite your numbers. you are in actual fact therefore not just a serf but you are in chains.

Chains are worn by two groups; slaves and prisoners, but only under the most barbaric of conditions. They are never used by enlightened slave owners nor by progressive penitentiaries.

You have lived this way for a long time, paying exorbitant interest rates on your loans as well as the taxes for the huge waste all of the above represents.

But instead of a light at the end of the tunnel you aren't even aware you are in because the chains are on your mind and your spirit and not on your arms and legs, there is nothing but a coming Orwellian state on the horizon .. just around the corner and the road has been smoothed for it by the poisoning of your water, food and air and added to that bad medicine and radiation - but even worse than all of the above, a relentless negative brainwashing of your mind and spirit by your media. 

Despite the above which is wrong and which your hidden government exports all around the world there are many in your midst and around the world who thrive because the human spirit is indomitable. some have succeeded materially even with the corruption but even the poor contain a sizeable and you may be one of them, majority who are not diminished by adversity but strengthened by it.

The NWO wishes to deprive you of even this victory, the victory of the spirit over hardship. They cannot succeed as long as you remember who you are, as long as you awaken and free yourself from the chains that bound you from birth, even though they have planned and prepared to do so and are about to implement their plans in full which they have already begun in part. Now is the time. Now is the chance to as one, stand up and refuse to be a part of their "NWO.'

Free yourself from the matrix.