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WWIII-Coming to a Place Near You.


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WWIII. Coming to a Place Near You Soon.

We have been in WWIII for two decades already. When will it stop.

Most people do not realize that as soon as the Cold (World) War stopped, The Hot (World) War began.

I do not know how many more countries need to be invaded for the world to wake up...we are in the middle of a World War.

In fact if you count all the US "military interventions" since WWII, I have heard 60 as a number then you can even make the point that the third world war has merely speeded up in the past 20 years with the added rider that it could well escalate even further if Russia and China are attacked  overtly and not just covertly as they are now.

I heard that a military (Israeli) base in Libya, yep, you heard that right, right after the recent sacking of that nation, was named in Hebrew something that translated as "One country at a time". That is the very definition of world war and the fact that it was an Israeli base is fuel for the raging fire of awareness of  Israeli control of American foreign policy, with just a pretence of difference and even that was quashed by the recent visit of Obama to Israel.

No wonder then the establishment of a Department of Homeland Security to wage war on the American people. We know who its controller are.

No wonder the ferocious destruction by the USA of everything opposed to the Jewish hegemony in the Middle East and beyond.

No wonder the enforcement in the West of everything Jewish and the outlawing of everything Christian, step by step and making rapid progress.

This is a world war because it is a war not only against nation states but again worldwide religion, culture and freedom.

It is a war against abundance in favour of paucity.

A war against principle on a global scale in favour of degeneracy.

A war against mankind itself.

Do not be fooled, the United States has already been taken over by Israel and you owe it no allegiance whatsoever, neither to what laws they have already established contrary to the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION AND THEY ARE MANY nor to those they are and will implement.

Hello to all our friends.