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The Demonization of Amadinijad


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Demonization of Ahmadinejad.

.The self styled champion of what is good and righteous - the West - with its grandiose eloquence and characterisation of everything  not of its ilk as 'evil', in a litany of continuous, pompous self praise, both in word and actions,  swallowed whole generally, by the public even sometimes of its enemies, even despite its known obliviousness to human suffering on a global scale,  has a special place in its dark deep heart for  Ahmadinejad. Nowhere is this more alarming than the in the person of Natanyahu as somehow, by some geo-political engineering marvel, the Middle Eastern UN outcast - Israel, is placed firmly in the Western Hemisphere.

All  "righteousness" aside,  it is Bibi's (Natanyahu) obsession with Ahmadinejad which has placed the entire world in a permanent state of tension.

Going by America's record  its wars since WWII have been fought to be lost. Destruction is all that is required,  extricating itself at some stage. This is exactly what they do. This may be the scenario followed in Iran  for if  destruction was wrought on  defenceless nations, even greater destruction is probable on a nation which is perfectly willing and able to go blow for blow with the West. It is certainly the pattern now being followed  in Syria so it could be said that that war too is going according to plan. Remember also the war between Iran and Iraq prior to direct military intervention in the ME by the West.

Israel also has another obsession - Palestine, the root cause of its simultaneous obsession with Iran. Even defenceless Palestinians are portrayed as an existential threat to Israel's existence, as is  every ME nation by virtue of the fact that they occupy the land claimed by Greater Israel. By this logic the nation with the greatest defence in the region, Iran, is the greatest threat to the nation of Greater Israel, though not yet brought into existence. Here then we have the scenario that the entire Mid East catastrophe is to establish Greater Israel. 

But why? Is it to rule the world from its geographical  and historical centre as prescribed by the book? The centre of that central land mass known as the ME is the ancient city of Babylon, which just happens to be the source of the  Zionist religion, Kabbala. So we see a Kabbalistic method in the madness, wrought to establish a centre of Kabbalistic madness, from which to rule the world. The secret is that  both Israel and USA are both expendable in the final cataclysm necessary to bring  about that dictatorship.

To say this plan is diabolical would be superfluous but to proceed with this plan they rely on the notion of the good and righteous West in its domino wars against the infidels, currently in the ME, and ending with Iran's Ahmadinejad, possibly drawing Russia and China into it and the BRIC nations, bringing the world to what may be a simultaneous natural, financial and military catastrophe. This is not fully understood but seems reasonably inevitable as they are the obvious next targets. So Iran is the pivot and Ahmadinejad  is the current boogeyman for  western mass consumption, in order to keep the wars rolling along nicely without domestic opposition which could make them wobbly, even untenable.

No power figure from the Middle East would be accepted as a world leader by the West as this is psychologically incompatible with the wars against that region, so he will have to come from the EU. The USA, given its current path will sink into oblivion in any final catastrophe. This EU leader will nevertheless eventually rule the world  from a new base in or near Babylon. This is ritualistically imperative in keeping with the roots of the Kabbalistic religion. 

Its all planned - it will all fall apart, but at what cost? This is dependant upon the resistance.

What are their plans? We will never get into the minds of these people who are wiser in their deceit than we are in its discovery.

They move on all fronts with synchronicity, environmental, financial,  espionage, political, legal, foreign and domestic. Where to look?

Unless we can see into the heart of the beast there is no stopping it. 

But we are barred by a cruel silence that emanates from their propaganda machine. Our only hope is that they trip themselves up, catch themselves in the net of their own making which they have set for us and the whole edifice of lies, deceit, theft and murder comes crashing down on their heads. 

This is the prayer. This is their end. We know it, we feel it, we breathe it into our nostrils as we wait patiently for clear skies, crystal clean waters, a planet in harmony and the nectar of the gods.

Final 42 months tribulation began on  21st Deember 2012.