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Earthicide is in Full Swing.


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    Earthicide is in Full Swing.

The question is asked, why would rich and powerful humans want to destroy the planet on which they live, as well as the people on it who could create even more wealth and power  for them if they lived rather than if they are "culled"?

The answer of course is that they whilst human they are in the grip of a demonic power and hence they may have human shape, form, face even, but in their actions they are not.

The good there is in the world is  a counterblance and a check  to evil. 

Good triumphs in the end but it may not always seem so in the battle - and like the opposing demonic work -it does so only with human effort.

We do not sit back and let others do it. We have to resist, at least the dehumanization of our  being.

Once we see the plan -  as stated above it is simply "earthicide" - we see  the following  in its  proper context 

Deliberate environmental degradation;
Chemtrails, HAARP, induced earthquakes hurricanes, nuclear disasters, deliberate oil and gas releases into the oceans
the run down of infrastructure nationwide,(national devolution)
so called "depleted" uranium in the battlefield;etc

human degradation
deadly vaccinations, Hospital accidents AND treatment, including pharmaceuticals - food additive poisoning ......., fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, aluminium and barium,
cell phone towers, smart meters
mercury fillings which magnify the effects of cell tower radiation, digital TV as a medium of psychotronic control and impairment.
new mattresses coated by law with poisons supposedly as a germicidal. (leave the plastic cover on)
American tobacco fertilized by guano from an island where they exploded multiple atomic weapons in the atmosphere as "tests". - hence radiation and hence the cancer. No regulation of the ingredients of tobacco.
Other atmospheric tests on the mainland, which fallout covered the nation
domestic military activity, detention camps, police brutality,
wars, torture, 
bank bailouts, etc

psychological/emotional degradation
subliminal messaging in TV, radio, GWEN towers,  homosexuality,, restrictions on gun ownership and other freedoms of movement, thought, speech; censorship of discussion of Israel's  affliction of the Palestinians; censorship of discussion of the "Jewish" holocaust ... 
School dumbing down and toleration of school bullying, 
The breakdown of marriage by the portrayal of male female sterotypes as opposite, in TV advertizing - a matter of mandatory policy over a number of decades
A continuous state of tension created by the phoney Cold War and more recently the war on 'terrorism' to facilitate effective imprinting and suggestion, subliminally. 

and all the rest of it -

All of the above are part of what is a  REAL agenda.....

"Agenda 21",  renamed "Sustainable Development", renamed again, "The Way Foreward."

Agenda 21. Depopulation. That means us - and the spiritual, physical and mental castration of the few who remain ..  to service the demonic entities.

We will never know the full extent of the plan.

And while all this and more is going on not a word of warning or resistance from the government, military, the media, or the legal system.....nor by the churches, the schools or the majority of the social media.

The devil laughs as the protocols are fulfilled and while the people, on cue and as taught, say of the agenda -  "Its a Conspiracy Theory."  

In infant school we are taught. "Why did God make the world?" and the answer,"To show His power, wisdom and love for us."

In adulthood we may face the question ... and answer;  "Why did the devil destroy it?"  "To show his hatred, malice and jealousy."

But also we need to have a ready answer to the question: "Why did we allow it" -

God helps those who help themselves.

We must be aware and not looking for guidance anywhere but ourselves..

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