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The Road to Enslavement Begins with Submission.

"Military internment camps to be used for political dissidents."

This is not conjecture. The above link shows an official document which goes into microscopic detail.  

Given the "machine''s current gun grab, it would be wise to see what this foretells and where it is headed.

We are entering into a new era of enslavement which is not physical primarily, only secondarily.
What is it?

Enslavement of the mind.
But to what?

Enslavement of the spirit.
But to whom?

Basically it is enslavement to a Luciferic doctrine. 

This enslavement involves the turning on its head of all previously held notions of what is moral for us, right for our children and necessary for nation building.

They want to destroy the nation, the human character and the future of society as a sentient one.

They want to replace it with a chemically, electrically and sound induced lobotomised society where the master race rules automatized human vegetables.

How far they have already progressed and will progress along this road  depends upon the resistance.

If there is no resistance then there can be no stopping it.

An AR-15 and/or semi automatic pistols are a handy prerequisite. Do not require much training, as a last resort of course, to drop goons from the thought police a dozen times over using the fortifications already in place…
your house, for defence.

They are vulnerable in the open . . . 
How many confrontations of this nature before the cowards, trained in Israel and we know what cowards their trainers are based on Palestinian experience, back off?

Very few, I will surmise.
The average Palestinian does not have available to him an AR-15 or similar to defend himself against house demolitions,  kidnaps, sniper fire, road blocks, check points and many other terrorist methods used by the Israeli armed forces against innocent civilians whose only crime is that they want to breathe.

The average American does have this availability ….for now.

But the push is on to take it away from you.
If you haven't seen that by now then you are wilfully stupid.

Political dissidents include christians, patriots, constitutionalists, human rights activists, home schoolers, those who object to vaccinations, preppers, organic food producers, raw milk producers and gun owners. 

If you don't fit into one of the above or related, you're already one of them.

Related includes growing your own food or collecting your own rainwater….so tight is the control they are imposing.

This type of control though it looks physical it is not. It is mental and spiritual and emotional.

The method is subliminal as well as overt.
It is TV, radio, film, music and print media.
It is police, law, employment, school and gun control.

It is aimed directly at your relationships with others as well as your own peace of mind.
It aims to separate you from your soul and everything that pertains to it, by every possible means, all of these means and aims are diabolical.

The end result is also diabolical.

Guns, prayers and preparations both physical, mental and spiritual (eg. fasting) are not something anyone can do for you. They are
something you have to actively seek out for yourself and your loved ones.

CIA director Brennan takes the oath of office on a form of the constitution which does not include
 freedom of speech and of the press, right to bear arms, Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and right to a jury trial.

why would that be do you think?


Jesus is coming shortly. This tribulation will only last a short time. Prepare yourselves to greet Him when he comes, not submitting to the NWO, even to the giving of your own life if necessary.
 The dead will be resurrected.
 A new paradise awaits you, that will last 1000 years.